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Since 2009, Springboard Careers has addressed the professional development needs for women reentering the workforce after an employment gap, or women looking to transition to new careers. Springboard specializes in résumé development, professional branding through LinkedIn profiles, job seeker assistance, and career coaching.  Springboard maintains a strong community focus through volunteerism, memberships in professional organizations, partnerships with experts in women's career issues, and strong ties with local employers, recruiters, and human resources professionals. The team continually seeks innovative ways to offer Springboard's core services, while actively pursuing partnerships with professionals and organizations who can assist with the mission of helping women relaunch careers.

Julia MacWilliams has a proven track record in assisting job-seekers in the arduous and often times frustrating journey of finding new employment. Specializing in the end-to-end job placement needs of women who experience a gap in employment or those transitioning to a new career, MacWilliams’ softens the pre-employment process through the incomparable services she offers at, Springboard Careers, Inc., Delaware Valley’s premiere professional career service. After a tenured and successful career in business development, MacWilliams reinvented herself professionally, after staying home to care for her children through the early years, and now provides the opportunity for other business women to find gainful and satisfying careers within a competitive and ever evolving workplace. Springboard’s proprietary client database and social media outlets provide an extensive reach to disseminate job opportunity information which enables a more satisfying and organic employee placement process for clients and local businesses, alike.

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