Job Postings

Single Job Postings 

This option is for organizations with one or two hiring opportunities. Send us your job description and the application instructions, and we’ll send it to our subscribers via two consecutive weekly email newsletters. We will also disseminate the newsletter through LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Pricing Details: $150 for one job posting / $99 for a second posting in the same time period.

Job Postings via Dedicated Email Blast

This is a great option for companies with many job opportunities or recruiting professionals looking to source a variety of candidates. We’ll design a custom job alert email blast for your organization and send it at a specific time based on your hiring needs. You send us your job descriptions and the application process / contact person for each of the jobs, and we’ll send that information to our subscribers and through our social media channels. This blast will be exclusive to your organization, and will contain no additional job posts or advertisements.

Pricing Details: $350 for a custom email blast.

Contact us to get started.