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Thank you for your interest in Springboard Careers' Interviewing Skills Service. We are proud to be the Delaware Valley's premier career development service for women returning to work or redirecting their careers. Our company's goal is to provide you with tools and techniques to help you throughout the interviewing process. Our professional coach will help you define your goals and articulate them effectively so that you show the employer you are the best person for the job. Thank you for choosing Springboard Careers!

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  • $150/hrInterviewing Skills Sessions
  • In the one-hour Interview Preparation/Coaching sessions designed for each individual client, you will receive career transition support to develop your brand strategy and personalized interview responses. You will clarify your passions, identify your obstacles and concerns, define your goals and learn how to tell "your story" in a concise and articulate way.

    We will review specific ways to answer interview questions and conduct  mock interviews to ensure you are confident during your real interviews. 

    Interview Coaching is not limited to a one-hour session, if you and your coach feel additional sessions are necessary, we can build upon the progress by adding additional sessions. The sessions are individualized and will be crafted for the personal needs of each client. Subsequent session fees will be determined on an as-needed basis. Coaching sessions are conducted in person at a mutually agreed upon location or via Zoom. 

  • Julia MacWilliams
    Founder, Springboard Careers, Inc.
  • Julia MacWilliams has a proven track record in assisting job-seekers in the arduous and often times frustrating journey of finding new employment. Specializing in the end-to-end job placement needs of women who experience a gap in employment or those transitioning to a new career, MacWilliams’ softens the pre-employment process through the incomparable services she offers at, Springboard Careers, Inc., Delaware Valley’s premiere professional career service.